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PRP & Ovarian rejuvenation

Once 12 months have passed without achieving pregnancy (6 months if the couple is over 35 years old), it is advisable for the couple to visit a centre specialised in reproductive medicine, specially if there is any suspicion of a problem related to their fertility. Once the reproductive health of both partners has been analysed, or of the woman in cases where there is no partner or where there are two women, the problem and the most appropriate treatment to achieve pregnancy will be diagnosed. Each case must be evaluated uniquely to determine the most appropriate treatment for each situation.

At UR Vistahermosa we carry out all types of assisted Reproduction treatments. We have the latest technology applied to Reproductive Medicine and our laboratories have all the technology to achieve pregnancy in the shortest time possible.

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The wide range of techniques and procedures that we offer and detailed below, will help you accomplish the wonderful experience of being parents.