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Motherhood for single women

Single women and same sex couples often attend our Reproduction Unit seeking help to fulfil their dream of being mothers and forming a family. Our centre works by providing the warmest welcome and the greatest respect while offering convenience throughout the entire process for our patients. In our society, the absence of a male factor need not be an obstacle for women.

Spanish legislation on reproduction states that any woman may use reproductive services regardless of her civil status or sexual orientation, and therefore assisted reproduction treatment can be carried out with donor semen granting the woman rights and obligations in relation to the newborn baby.

Reproductive equality for single women or same sex couples has created new family models that are becoming more present in our society, and more demand at our centre: for single parent and same sex parent families.

If a woman wants to be a single mother and cannot do artificial insemination with her own eggs, she may decide on egg donation, with eggs from an anonymous donor, or embryo adoption. While in a same sex female couple, the gestational mother may receive eggs from her partner.

In the first case, it would be necessary to sign two informed consent forms, one for semen donation and the other for egg donation. In the second case, the couple would only sign a semen donation document and both women would have rights in relation to the newborn baby.

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