Fenomatch - UR International



“We find the best donor for you.”

in a process as delicate as assisted reproduction, safety and processes control are of paramount importance. With Fenomatch Platform our team of doctors and embryologists can objectively and scientifically select ideal donors for patients, minimising the risk of human error during selection.

Who is the ideal donor?

  • They have a similar phenotype (race, skin colour, eyes, complexion etc.)
  • They are genetically compatible.
  • They have a facial similarity to the patient.
  • Our unique programme allows us to guarantee not only the compatibility between the donor and the patient, but also that the physical and biometric similarity are maximised.



In the donor selection process we take into account the patient’s phenotype characteristics. In addition to basics such as race, skin/ eye colour and complexion, the Fenomatch Platform is able to narrow down the search further by adding other more specific variables such as blood group, RH, skin tone or even level of study, applying much more specific filters.


The ideal donor must also be genetically compatible with the patient. Our Fenomatch Carrier Test© tool is integrated in the platform and allows us to include genetic compatibility test results from all the main laboratories simply within the search.


The platform also includes the innovative Fenomatch Facial Matching© tool. Its powerful algorithm uses objective criteria, including biometric distances extracted from a photograph of the patient to find the donor who most resembles the patient from those who meet the requirements above.

With this added value, our patients have the security of external certifications to ensure that the process has been carried out under the highest standards.