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UR Vistahermosa?

If there’s one thing we are proud of at UR Vistahermosa, it’s the way we work. We love to work with people – they are our vocation, and also our greatest asset.
Each case and person is unique, and therefore needs specific, personalised attention.

At UR Vistahermosa we have multidisciplinary teams made up of gynaecologists, embryologists, geneticists, andrologists, anaesthesiologists, psychologists, nursing staff and assistants, so each case can be approached uniquely to achieve our goal – pregnancy.

When it comes to international patients, we know that setting off on the journey towards pregnancy means adapting to their needs. Our entire team works together to make the process as smooth and efficient as possible.

UR Vistahermosa is part of the UR International Reproduction Group, which currently carries out more than 11,000 reproduction cycles in Spain and boasts clinics in Alicante, Madrid, Malaga, Valencia, Murcia, Granada, Almeria, Cadiz, Jerez de la Frontera, Zaragoza, Oviedo, Cartagena and Lerida. It also has international units in Latin America in Managua and Mexico City.

What makes us different?

Success Rates

UR Group Quality

Quality is not an end for us, it’s a mean and is determined by the satisfaction of our clients. What we do provide in all the processes is our added value as well as the equipments and installations that are constantly renewed.

Our know-how is the excellence based in training and teaching. We continuously provided training courses to our team in order to improve and innovate in knowledge and experiences that take shape in our work.

Proof of this are the official controls and accreditations that our centre has:

  • AENOR Quality Management System Certificate
  • Registration Certificate from the Official Register of Healthcare Centres, Services and Establishments of the Valencian Community for all the Assisted Reproductive Technology.
  • National External Quality Control Program of Assisted Reproduction Laboratory (CEIFER).
  • Spanish External Quality Control Program for Semen Analysis (CEIFER).
  • ISO 9001 Quality Management System.
  • ISO 9001 Quality Management System.
  • AENOR 14001 Environmental Management System quality certificate.
  • Quality Certificate with internal auditing from HLA Hospital Group.
  • National Register of the Spanish Society of Fertility (SEF).
  • Registration committee’s registration stamp of the Spanish Society of Fertility (SEF) as an accredited centre certified by the National Health System.
  • Company quality audit by OZOOA International.
  • Authorisation to freeze eggs and ovarian tissue for fertilisation in fertility preservation programmes by the Department of Health of the Community of Valencia.

Human Team

Our patients are our priority and our multidisciplinary team is ready to attend you in your own language.

We share the same goal as you – to achieve a pregnancy as soon as possible, and to feel that UR Vistahermosa is the right decision every step of the way.

Our team is always here to help you during the whole process and to answer any questions, as well as anything else you may need during your stay in Alicante. From the moment you walk through the door, we will be with you and by your side helping you to get pregnant.

Our greatest asset – people. The best professionals in each area for your peace of mind.

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UR Vistahermosa is located within the HLA Vistahermosa hospital in Alicante.

Our patients feel safer and more secure knowing that we are located within a health care infrastructure within the hospitals of the UR International Reproduction Group.

We understand that the difficulties in reproduction processes must be treated from various disciplines to be covered in its entirety.

Our continuous investment in state-of-the-art equipment allows us to perform any reproductive technique. We are national and international pioneers in bringing together in our Embryology laboratory all the Time Lapse embryo incubation systems that guarantee our processes and excellent results.

40% of treatments in Europe are done in Spain (WHO)

11.000 treatments per year

60% of patients are international

24 hours service for our patients, 365 days a year