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English Patient

Our patients are our best guarantee. Making the decision to place the search for pregnancy in the hands of a specialised group is never easy.

Their words, comments and messages are our best reward for our work.

Do you want to know their stories?

English Patient

We are delighted to announce that UR Vistahermosa made our dream to come 
After 8 years of trying to have babies naturally and lots of IVF 
treatments, Vistahermosa helped us to achieve a positive pregnancy. We 
now have  twins, and we are extremely blessed and happy. Vistahermosa 
was the only fertility clinic that helped us for real. From the first 
attempt, we achieved a positive pregnancy and our lovely twins were 
born. The full process was smoothly and we highly recommend the clinic 
to anyone who wants to have a baby or more babies. 
This is a very good clinic with professional medical staff and 
international coordinators. The full process is so easy, and this is 
because everyone at Vistahermosa work super hard. Very high quality and 
standards, work ethic and they are super friendly. You don’t feel that 
you are a number, they make every interaction so nice, so that we don’t 
feel any stress in the process. We still have some embrios left and we 
will definitely come back to Vistahermosa to obtain positive pregnancy 
and for our twins to have brothers or sisters. Many thanks to such a 
beautiful fertility clinic, thank you to Anusha the coordinator, and 
thank you to the doctor that performed our IVF treatment and transfer. 
We love you all a lot. 


“Laura is a professional with a very friendly attitude and has good sense of humour which helped me through the process a lot. She’s very helpful and supportive. I very much appreciated her efforts with arrangements she made for me, especially with medications. She’s a member of a team of professionals who take care of all the necessities so that process flows smoothly and problem free.”

Finnish patient

I am an international patient and I had several embryo transfers with no luck after which I ended up coming To UR Vistahermosa. My own doctor has been working in co-operation with UR Vistahermosa, so I just needed to travel for the transfer. At the moment I dont know the outcome yet, but my body Is telling me there is a big change to succeed this time! I decide to give my feedback now, before I know how this ends….. Because I have had such a high quality service there Is nothing I can ask for more. My coordinator was Laura Tari and she always answered very quickly and warmly to all my questions. Even when I finally decide to travel even quicker and all had to be done in one week, she stayed so warm and peaceful and patient all the time. I know she must have had hands full with the clinic and still she could just handle it all in a week. I felt I was safe and taken care of all the time. Also I want to thank the whole international department at the clinic. Everything was arrange very smoothly.

Also my dr, Dr. Lloret was just amazing. Doing the transfer for me is not that simple because of my anatomy. He could do it perfectly, without any pain. I was now at the clinic for the second time and wished to get him as my doctor again.

Of course I wish to end up with a small miracle in here….. But whatever the outcome Is, this clinic has definitely been the right choice for me. Thank you!


Highly recommend this clinic! After a long journey and many unsuccessful treatments in the Canada and other clinics in Spain, we decided to go to with UR Vistahermosa to fulfill our dreams. We found the clinic after a lot research, from the very first meeting in April 2021, we really felt at comfortable and at ease. The communication was excellent and the entire international team was very considerate to our needs. We ended up choosing the Guaranteed program and went thought with all the tests that were required to gain acceptance to the program. The clinic was able to discover what we needed to do in order to fulfill our dreams and were accepted to the guaranteed program. The clinic was really comprehensive and they customized treatment for us with the travel from Canada to Spain in mind which was something other clinics in Spain had never done. Jump forward a year and we are now happy parents of our little Baby Boy. A heartfelt thank you to the entire team at Ur Vistahermosa for making our dreams come true.

Once again thank you for everything you all have done to make our dreams come true.

Regards, M&R

Michelle Gough

She is an absolute delight, a true angel and I just cannot thank the whole team at Clinica Vistahermosa enough. I still can’t believe that I am blessed this much, a dream really has come true with the help of an incredible team. Words can’t express my gratitude and thank you really doesn’t seem enough.
My parents are delighted they are now grandparents. My mum was at my side throughout the whole journey and during the birth. I feel our family is now complete 🙂


Not a day passes without my thinking about my absolute gratitude to Dr José Jesús, Salomé and the team, for our two beautiful daughters Isabel and Olivia now 11 and 7. Our experience at Vistahermosa Clinic, – after 5 years of failed IVFs and bitter disappointment in the UK – was actually so joyful. The team were kind, sensitive and actually excited for me – even before we knew whether each treatment had worked.

I would recommend so highly, and am so thankful, not just that the egg donation treatment worked, but they all helped me believe it could! Follow-up care was also excellent- I rang a couple of times directly when I was worried. There was a calm, confident response each time. On each visit to the clinic, I was impressed with the professionalism yet genuine warmth and care of everybody we met. THANK YOU and God’s blessing to Visterermosa.


” I would absolutely recommend UV Vistahermosa. We used them for double donor treatment and are now the proudest parents of two stunning wee girls. We had previously had three rounds at a clinic in the UK with our own eggs and sperm without success. Obviously, the rate of success is much higher with donor and it didn’t fail. I felt the clinic had more experience with technology and the will to help us. They listened to all my concerns and I felt happy I was being given great service. I wish I’d come here first and not waste time at the previous clinic. “

Ezio Zanchetta

Our experience was fantastic, the team that treated us was very professional, available from the clinical point of view and impeccable from the human point of view …. A special thanks to Angela who followed us every step of our journey (even when she had the day off) from our first phone call to the clinic for simple information, until now …

Rodrigo Ochoa

For us it was a success in every way. The unit was recommended to us and they were not wrong. The experience, the proximity in the treatment and being able to have everything in the same place is priceless. We are grateful for every detail and thank the gynaecologists, embryologists and the whole nursing team.

Sandra GH

Personally I have been treated very well, they explain everything very well, they are very considerate and human, the truth is that I just have to thank them for everything they are doing for us all their team. Thanks to them we are expecting our little one, it has been everything at the first time, we remember them 100%.