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Mum and Mum

For female couples

At UR Vistahermosa we offer all possible treatments and techniques for new family models.  The dream of shared motherhood for married lesbian couples is possible thanks to advancements and techniques that provide us with various assisted reproduction treatments.

The ROPA Method (Reception of Oocytes from the Partner), is an in vitro fertility treatment envisaged for female couples where both partners have a defining role as one will be the genetic mother who provides the eggs and the other will be gestational mother.

The law is very clear in relation to this type of treatment.You must be married as this is not an anonymous egg donation. Marriage allows for both women to have the same legal obligations and rights in relation to the future baby.

There are other treatment options so that female couples may opt for AI (artificial insemination) or IVF, both using semen from a donor.

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