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Secure Select

What is SecureSelect?

SecureSelect is an embryo selection technique based on non-invasive chromosomal screening, which consists of analyzing a small amount of the culture medium where the embryos have developed. In this culture medium, we find genetic material which has its origin in the cells of the embryo. The study of this material provides us with information on the chromosomal status of the embryo with a concordance of 80% with respect to the trophectoderm biopsy, which will allow us to select those embryos with more possibilities of being chromosomally normal without the need for embryo biopsy.

How is it done?

The selection of the embryo is based on the analysis of the DNA present in the culture medium. For that, the embryo is left in culture until day three of evolution; subsequently, a washing is carried out, as well as a transfer to another clean culture medium where it will evolve to the expanded Blastocyst stage. This is when the embryo is vitrified, and the culture medium is collected for analysis by massive or state-of-the-art sequencing (NGS) in the Genetics Unit.

Once the results are obtained, priority will be given to the transfer of embryos with more
possibilities of being euploid (without chromosomal alterations).

What benefits are obtained?

Thanks to this advanced embryo selection, based on the chromosomal status and embryo morphology, couples will increase the chances of success of the IVF cycle compared to conventional embryo selection. The whole procedure is performed without subjecting the embryo to any aggressive manipulation that may alter it in any way.

SecureSelect allows you to know the genetic status of the embryo with 80% security.