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Embryoscope is the most modern and innovative human embryos incubation system that is revolutionizing the global reproductive biomedicine. It is an incubator that reproduces the natural conditions needed for the human embryo to develop into an ideal growing environment. This new incubator incorporates a recording system that allows you to view, monitor and analyze at any time the embryo development without altering the conditions of in vitro culture.

What are the benefits we get using the Embryoscope in our treatments?

The chances of pregnancy of a couple depend, mostly, on the quality of the embryos obtained:

  • With the Embryoscope, do not take out the embryos from the incubator to study their morphology, we avoid altering the ideal culture conditions providing a more stable environment to the embryo.
  • The Embryoscope is a noninvasive tool of information that allows us to detect morphological abnormalities in the embryo that, until now, we were not able to visualize with the traditional culture method.

Being faithful to our quality policies, development and innovation, the Reproduction Unit of Hospital-Clinic Vistahermosa of Alicante offers its patients this technology with the aim of increasing their chances of success.