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Diet and lifestyle habits to improve fertility


During a fertility consultation, patients often ask about the most important factors that can affect their fertility, and whether it can be im- proved if they modify their lifestyle habits. Although the age of the woman continues to be oneofthemostimportantfactors,itisnottheonlyone. Diet and lifestyle habits are increasingly regarded as key influencing factors in the fertility levels of both […]

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Importance of Genetics in Reproductive Medicine


If we were asked why genetics is so important in reproductive medicine? The answer would be very simple: because it helps reproductive medicine pro- fessionals and patients in every stage of the treat- ment, from the very first appointment to when the baby is born. There is a genetic explanation behind almost 20% of fertility problems. During the first appoint- […]

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Freeze your fertility


More and more women vitrify their eggs. As the age of motherhood is delayed, the number of women who decide to freeze their eggs for subsequent in vitro fertilisation is growing. Vitrification of eggs and embryos is now a routine technique in reproductive laboratories, an ultra-rapid freezing process, which avoids the formation of crystals in the […]

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Secure Select: The most innovative non-invasive embryo chromosomal selection


The end goal of Reproductive Medicine is for a healthy baby to be born. Genetic testing helps couples undergoing assisted reproduction in a number of ways. Of the tests performed, those related to the chromosome analysis of the embryos are of the utmost importance, because chromosomal aberrations show up frequently in human embryos, and are […]

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Our International Patient Care team answers your questions


1. What would you recommend Patients who haven’t decided yet on specific a treatment, but would like to know more about all the available options at the clinic before travelling there? We would clearly recommend a first online consultation with one of our Fertility Experts. During these consultations, they will be able to ask the […]

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Preimplantation Genetic Test: Healthy babies thanks to advances in Genetics


Experts from the Vistahermosa Reproduction Unit present their new non-invasive embryo chromosome test, a technique to ensure the health of future babies The birth of a healthy baby is the main objective pursued by Reproductive Medicine. And among the emerging techniques in this field, there is the new non-invasive Preimplantation Genetic Test (PGT), which purpose […]

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IVF treatments abroad, an Interview with Dr Szlarb


Dr Natalia Szlarb graduated 2002 at the Pomeranian Medical School in Szczecin. Afterwards she obtained a medical resident place in Germany where she finished her training in gynaecology and worked as a medical director of gynaecology. In 2011 Dr Szlarb obtained her PhD diploma in Immunology in the United States of America. Since 2013 she […]

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For the third consecutive year, HLA Vistahermosa has been revalidated as the best private hospital in Alicante.


After the 2018 and 2019 awards, in the seventh edition of Health Reputation Monitor (MRS) of Merco the HLA Vistahermosa Clinic has been selected again as the Best Private Hospital in Alicante. Last year was hard and difficult due to the pandemic, especially for the medical-health sector, so this new recognition highlights the commitment to […]

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COVID-19 vaccines, assisted reproduction and pregnancy


Vaccines are one of the greatest scientific advances of Humanity and have made it possible to prevent diseases that used to cause millions of deaths every year worldwide. The SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus is, generally speaking, a mild illness in young and pregnant people. However, in some cases, it can produce serious complications. The recent availability of […]

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SecureFIV combines in Vitro fertilization and preimplantation genetic testing to select the best embryo


Specialists from the Vistahermosa HLA Reproduction Unit identify healthy embryos resulting from IVF to increase the chances of achieving a full-term pregnancy. One of the areas of knowledge that has evolved the most in Reproductive Medicine is the genetic study of the embryo to identify as accurately as possible healthy embryos, free of chromosomal alterations. […]

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Having trouble conceiving?: UR Vistahermosa offers new treatment techniques that create effective solutions


Our Reproduction Center has designed SecureFIV to ensure a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby; it has incorporated Fenomatch platform, which allows to select a suitable donor, and provides assistance of specific units for complex procedures. Years´ of experience and professional commitment, state-of-the-art technologies and its own genetic unit contribute to the excellent results reflected […]

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UR Vistahermosa encourages the use of telemedicine, a close, effective and user-friendly tool for patients


The online counselling that the Unit of Reproduction at Vistahermosa Clinic has set up in these difficult moments of the pandemic, has been claimed to be an effective service tool to advance the first session with our specialists, and to provide an access to our professionals in order to clatify any doubts, or offer follow-up […]

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Why it’s a good idea to bet on time-lapse technology in assisted reproduction


In questions regarding fertility sometimes less is more. Especially when talking about treatments that are potentially invasive. Thanks to the technological advances which have been made in the field of reproductive medicine, we are able to observe something as important as the embryo’s development without the need to extract the embryos from the incubator. This […]

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Choosing to become a mother without a masculine partner; What are the options?


With respect to families, there is nothing written in stone. Each family nucleus is unique and different from the rest, without predetermined rules and limiting definitions. Options which not too many years ago were few and far between or even worse were actually frowned upon, are now our daily bread and butter and the starting […]

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Social preservation of fertility: what, when and why


Preserving fertility is a common practice nowadays. A treatment that allows women to program the very moment they wish to start the process of forming a family by cryogenically freezing the oocytes, which are stored until the main character decides that the moment has arrived. This can be influenced by a multitude of factors from […]

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How does diabetes affect a pregnancy?


A period of time as important as pregnancy is influenced by a multitude of factors, which can be both internal as well as external and as such, play a leading role in the sequence of events as they unravel. Essential questions such as those which deal with our general health and eating habits are paramount […]

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The International Department of UR Vistahermosa HLA offers a direct and close treatment with no language barriers


The team of coordinators assist the international patients in their different languages giving them a warm welcome from the first contact and accompanying them in all the phases of the treatment Professionalism and experience, sophisticated technology, advanced treatments, high success rates, affordable costs, quality in the process, excellent service and the security provided by a […]

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What is waiting for the Beta and how we can overcome it?


Nobody is really prepared to start forming a family until the moment of truth arrives. It doesn’t matter how much preparatory advice we receive from people, from books we may or may not have read or specific specialist medical advice we may have received from those specialists who we see frequently, there are practical concepts […]

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