SecureMATCH (Genetic Compatibility Test)

SecureMATCH (Genetic Compatibility Test)

SecureMATCH, security for you and for everyone

SecureMATCH is a genetic test designed to minimize the risk of having children with recessive hereditary diseases.

Recessive hereditary diseases are a set of rare genetic diseases that develop only when an individual has two mutated copies of the gene related to the disease. Although they are rare individually, in society as whole they account for 20% of infant mortality and approximately 18% of paediatric hospital admissions.

Those people who carry a mutation in these genes are generally healthy, so we all have the possibility of being carriers of mutations related to recessive diseases. This possibility exists even if there is no previous family history of illness. If both members of a couple are carriers of a mutation in a gene related to a recessive disease, they would have a 25% chance of having an affected child, even if they do not suffer from it.

This test is designed to minimize the risk of having offspring with this type of diseases and follows the criteria defined by the most reputed scientific societies (European Society of Human Genetics, American College of Medical Genetics and Genomics, American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, National Society of Genetic Counsellors, Perinatal Quality Foundation, Society for Maternal-Foetal Medicine).

With SecureMATCH (Genetic Compatibility Test), we study a panel of genes related to recessive and X-linked diseases, many of them quite serious from early onset.


Studies 15 recessive inheritance genes and 23 X-linked inheritance genes (only in women), which gives us enough guarantees with the advantage of being a test of easy clinical management.

SecureMATCH Plus

Analyses 552 genes, 461 of recessive inheritance and 91 of X-linked inheritance (only in women), related to more than 448 diseases.

We value your safety and peace of mind during the whole process and this is why our Genetics Unit has a genetic counselling service for those cases that need it. SecureMATCH, security for you and for everyone.